Live animals to and/or from The Americas
The 4 key points of our service:

Coordination & Communication

Close coordination between the Exporting Agent and Centurion Cargo, it is essential to ensure first class service. Good communication allows for minimal time any live animal is outside its natural habitat. Our crews remain in constant contact with caretakers, who accompany the animals during the entire operation.

Centurion Cargo provides a service that covers the major countries of Central and South America and Europe from its base in Miami. Additionally, our charter division offers transportation to any destination in the world.

Centurion Cargo carries an average of 2,000 live animals per year. Among them are horses, cows, llamas, dogs, fish, sheep and others. Our crew, as well as ground personnel, are true specialists in the management of this very special cargo. Our years of transporting live animals in the market, makes our team real specialists who can meet all your needs.

Being specialists in this market, we do not neglect our training. Courses are held periodically, with updated procedures to match your needs and ensure the safety of this presure cargo.