Sustainability, Health and Safety @ Centurion Cargo

It remains undisputed that commercial enterprises' prime social obligation is to achieve sustained profitability in order to secure the present and future of the company and its workforce. Centurion Cargo is of course no exception: due to its built-in operational flexibility, low cost base and the competence of a highly motivated workforce, our company has proved its ability to thrive both in a favorable as in a demanding global macroeconomic environment.

As an air cargo company focused on achieving the highest levels of flexibility and operational efficiencies, we consider emissions as wasteful, whether they come from aircraft engines, ground handling equipment or warehouses. This is why we at Centurion Cargo focus our efforts on sustainable operation, both in the air and on the ground and with respect to the safety and well-being of our greatest asset: our people.

In the air: when we retired Centurion Cargo's four DC-10, replacing them by our current fleet of eleven MD-11 we achieved average fuel savings of 200 gallons per flight hour translating in 1,7 t of reduced CO2 emissions per hour, while offering over 40% more cargo capacity over the DC-10. Our current MD-11 aircraft offer a combination of range, capacity and fuel burn which for our and our customers' requirements makes it compare favorably to twin-engine aircraft such as the Boeing 777-200F. Where needed, we flexibly add additional capacity on an ACMI (wet-lease) basis, using B747-400 aircraft to meet peak demand.

On the ground: our new state-of-the-art 550,000 sq ft. (51,100 sqm) cargo center at Miami International Airport is not only the largest private facility of its kind in North America, it will also support the Miami community through the creation of up to 200 new jobs over the course of the next few years. With the creation of the USD 123 M facility, Centurion Cargo is consolidating its current disperse facilities at and near Miami International Airport, resulting in increased efficiencies, time savings and substantially reduced CO2 emissions from trucks and other handling equipment. The energy-efficient facility is operated via a highly sophisticated facility management system.

The safety and well-being of our people: Centurion Cargo believes in pro-active prevention of work accidents by providing recurrent safety training for all our employees. Additionally, we perform regular safety audits through an independent safety audit firm in order to minimize the occurrence of work accidents and to adapt our safety policies where necessary.

Further improving safety, many of the handling processes at our new cargo facility are fully or semi-automated, requiring less direct intervention by our staff.

The Centurion Cargo Safety Program (CCSP) aims to ensure the highest safety standards through:
• Motivating safe actions through the establishment of a dynamic corporate safety culture:
• Ensuring the effectiveness of ongoing audit/process management structures within operating departments
• Ensuring identified deficiencies receive the attention and support of top management;
• Encouraging coordination between company departments to develop and implement safety interventions;
• Monitoring intervention strategies to validate effectiveness and communicating the results of intervention throughout the company
• A continual process of incorporating the techniques of inspection, audit and evaluation to assess the adequacy of managerial controls in key programs and systems;
• A review process that extends beyond regulatory compliance to determine the causes of deficiencies and to identify needed enhancements to company operating practices;
• An ongoing process that identifies deficiencies, reviews corrective actions to correct these deficiencies, and performs follow-up evaluations to assess the effectiveness of implementing corrective actions.

Although the nature of our business can make it prone to accidents on the ground, namely when heavy and bulky goods need to be moved, the program has helped prevent serious injuries in the past. For those of our employees who may nevertheless suffer work-related injuries in the future, a dedicated medically-assisted rehabilitation program has been established to ensure rapid reintegration into the work force.

Our approach to employee well-being reaches beyond accident-prevention. It stretches from safety and accident-prevention to health and fitness – quite literally. As one of the ways we promote well-being on a day-to-day is by instructing our employees in body-stretching as a way to relax and exercise during work hours.